Find all our articles on the Benefits of quitting smoking once and for all. We provide you with the motivation and reasons why you will feel better when you kick the habit.  We have a number of articles that like Five Reasons to quit smoking and Healing timeline – your body will start to heal immediately. All aimed at helping you understand better the benefits of quitting smoking and making the right decision.

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Get great and useful Tips of how you can quit smoking. We provide you some tried and tested methods of how and what you should be doing to quit smoking. It is not easy to quit smoking. We offer advise of how others have managed to quit the habit. What has worked and can work for you! Our service at Let Me Quit is aimed at helping you use the best tips and techniques that will enable you to quitting smoking.

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We have done some research on the various e-cigarettes and products available and have tried to short list which we believe are the better.  You can find our recommendations by following this link.  We do not shy away from stating that by purchasing an e-cigarette by following these links you will be helping us sustain this website. You support means that we can promote more and have a greater and wider reach.

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There are many reasons Why Quit smoking. We have looked into the main reasons that can motivate you to quit smoking. Do you want to know why you should quit smoking and help yourself, your family, your financial situation, your health and so many other reasons? Well if the answer is yes, it is the first step towards quitting. Read more and let us help you make the right decision.

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Five Reasons to Quit Smoking

Have you decided to quit?  Are you ready to kick the habit? Still in doubt!  Well there are many reasons why you should stop smoking.  Here is a list with some very good reasons to quit. 1. Take care of your health All medical research shows that the most important...

Are e-cigarettes safe and can they help you quit smoking?

There is no doubt that over recent years e-cigarettes have become extremely popular.  Many people though ask us "are e-cigarettes safe?".  Well there is much debate on this.  We at Let Me Quit will try to make some sense out of the various information there is out...

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Are you one of these numbers?

People who die from tobacco related illness every year (WHO)

People who die because of secondhand smoke every year (WHO)


What percentage of cancer deaths are because of smoking


What percentage of smokers will die from smoking? (BMC)

How many years do you live less because of smoking?