Have you decided to quit?  Are you ready to kick the habit? Still in doubt!  Well there are many reasons why you should stop smoking.  Here is a list with some very good reasons to quit.

1. Take care of your health

All medical research shows that the most important thing you (a smoker) can do to improve the quality of your life and at the same time also increase the length of your life, is to quit smoking.  First of all, the moment you quit your body starts the process of healing itself from all the damage smoking does.  There are some benefits that you feel immediately, whilst others over time. Obviously the earlier in life you quit the better and longer quality of life you will have.

2. Quit and Save money

Tobacco, be it cigarettes or otherwise is expensive.  And they will not get any cheaper.  On the contrary the price of tobacco will continue to rise. Make a simple calculation and calculate how much you spend.  Get the cost of how many cigarettes you smoke every day and multiply it by 365.  Maybe you can see how much you can save in one year. The moment you quit smoking you will have more money in your wallet.

3. Quit for your kids and family

Smoking does not only harm you. It also harms those around you.  Better known as second hand smoke, it is very dangerous and harmful. Studies show that if your children are exposed to second hand smoke, they will get more chest colds and ear infections.  There are also concerns for smoking pregnant mothers.  These have an increased risk of premature birth, low birth weight and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

4. More comfortable life

Smoking is today banned from many places, both leisure and work.  This means that to smoke you need to walk outside.  You cannot smoke in places like bars, clubs, restaurants, work and public places. So while your friends are still eating and drinking inside, you have to go out, in the rain to smoke a cigarette!

5. Better life

You will have a better quality of life after you quit smoking.  To start with, you will also stop smelling like a mobile ashtray.  Your breath to will be different and nicer to kiss.  If you also have the habit of smoking indoors, your house will smell better, because right now it only smells of tobacco.  You will also be able to smell things that you before didn’t think had a scent.  As a result of quitting, food will taste better.  Sleeping is better. Smoker snore more, so that might be a plus in bed.

Whatever the reason you have, any reason is a good reason to quit smoking.