Have you finally taken the decision?   Is it time that you quit smoking. Now the nest question is predictable. How do I do it?  Well please note that once you quite you will feel better.  What more you will save a real lot of money.  And what more you will live a longer and healthier life. Probably the first thing that you need to do is to have a quit plan.

So start by developing you quit plan.  Chart it in your mind.  How you will move from one stage to another.  Do not go into this blindly.  So what would be the first thing to do in your quit plan.

Ask others

There are people who have kicked the habit successfully before you. They have managed and their experiences can help you.  These could be family members, friends or work colleagues.  Different people have done it in different ways, but you can get some useful tips from all to put in your quit plan.

An important thing to do is announce to all your intention to quit.  Post it on Facebook and social media.  Make sure everybody knows that you are quitting. Share it with all. Let them encourage you. Avoid having people offer you a cigarette and make sure that you maintain your commitment.  If more than  one person at home smokes, it might be good to have a team effort.

Furthermore join groups and message boards of communities that have quit smoking.  You can also join a quit support group and get the number of have a hotline.  All these build up to your effort and are the support base.

There will be moments

Having spoken to many smokers and ex-smokers, one thing they say is that cigarettes are a drug.  You are addicted to it, especially as a result of the added chemicals that are found inside cigarettes.  There will be moments that you will crave a cigarette.  Whoever has quit smoking has been there. Don’t give up.  In most cases the craving is short and you can survive it. Consider these factors in your quit plan.

There will be withdrawal symptoms. This also depends on the quantity of cigarettes you smoke in one day, and the level of nicotine. There are ways to counter act this.  You can use nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or nicotine lozenges to gradually decrease the level of nicotine in your body.

Keep some food handy as this will be a distraction. You can counter the effect of the cravings using sweet foods.

Switch on the engine

Another tool in your quitting arsenal is exercise. You probably haven’t  switched on the pumping engine for a long time. Well its time to start again..  New life.  Fresh life.  Healthy life. Start slowly, don’t exaggerate, remember after all that your body is full of toxins. Take some music with you and build a sweat. The exercise will also counter the extra food you are eating.  There are exercise apps that can help you out here.

Keep focused on your quit plan

Do not let the carvings control you.  Remember why you choose to quit.  Did you quit because you couldn’t take the coughing any more? Or maybe because a friend or family member died of cancer? Did you quit because you got pregnant or your partner did? Whatever the reason, keep focused on these, and believe that it will get better soon.

Put our website as your homepage so that every time you start your computer you get on the right track.  Read an article or blog on the benefits of quitting.  Post your comments on this article and other articles to share your experiences.  Keep sharing on Facebook and social media.  Make a post with numbers, first starting hours then the number of cigarette free days.

Avoid hot spots for now.  There are locations that will tempt you more than others.  When still starting this journey, avoid going to places where you normally hang out and drink and smoke. Alcohol weakens your barriers and many have lost the battle by saying, oh let me just take one with the glass of beer!

So have a plan of how to counter those cravings.  Keep focused and you will remain on track.

No pain No gain

Quitting will not be necessarily easy. For some it is easier than for others. There will be moments that you might falter. Don’t worry, go back on track. Use those moments to further realize how much cigarettes and their addictive toxins have control over you. Remember that this is a journey, in regaining control of your life and health.  Keep going.  If you fall stand up again and go on.

You can do it!




Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net